About a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce

A collaborative divorce is the process in which a divorce or separation is reached in a respectful manner. I am a financial professional for Collaborative divorce. I work with people through the association in finding ways to help two people separate and divorce peacefully.

Not all divorces are “nasty”. Sometimes people just find they need to go their own ways from each other. Collaborative professionals have the same goal as you. We want to help you and your spouse reach a fair divorce settlement. Based on your priorities, minus the huge cost and stress of a traditional divorce settlement reached in court.

How I Help You

I specialize in spousal buyouts. I work with families and their finances so one spouse can keep the matrimonial home if they wish to and dissolve financial ties with the other. We work to find the best options for everyone. It’s imperative to review your finances so we can determine if you can comfortably afford to buy out your spouse. If you decide to stay in your matrimonial home, but the mortgage payments, taxes, monthly bills, and upkeep push your financial limit, the stress it will put you under may not be worth staying in. Even for the sake of keeping consistency in your kids’ lives.

As a mortgage specialist who works with separating couples, I follow three main priorities to ensure I serve each client to the best of my ability, including:

  1. Applying integrity to my work. By ensuring each client gets the best mortgage product and rate that meets their particular needs – both now and over the long term.
  2. Producing solutions, support and answers while navigating unchartered territory such as separation/divorce, which conclusively leads to financial independence.
  3. Remaining positive regardless of the situation. This helps keep clients in a positive frame of mind as they complete their separation/divorce and divide the matrimonial home.

If you have any further questions please get in touch with me, you may also look at Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association for more information.

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